BREATHE – Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health


The BREATHE Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health is a unique collaboration between academic, charity and industry partners from across the UK and globally, working alongside patients and the public.

BREATHE’s aim is to bring together valuable respiratory datasets and make them available to researchers involved in innovative research to hopefully expedite the identification of new treatments for patients and to identify better ways of caring for people’s respiratory health. EXCEED is a founding partner in this exciting research initiative, working alongside colleagues from the University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Queen Mary University of London, and Swansea University. As an EXCEED participant, your data is contributing to an exciting and unique health data research hub focused on improving respiratory health for all.

The respiratory datasets contained in the BREATHE collection are all accessible via the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway. The EXCEED data that has been deposited in the secure system will not include your personal details and all use of your data will still be controlled by EXCEED’s data access committee. De-identified data never leaves the system and can only be accessed by approved researchers.

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