For Researchers

EXCEED is a longitudinal population-based cohort which facilitates the investigation of genetic, environmental and lifestyle-related determinants of a broad range of diseases and of multiple morbidity through data collected at baseline and via electronic healthcare record linkage. We are now also collecting COVID-19 data.

Participants have consented to follow-up for up to 25 years through electronic health records and additional bespoke data collection is planned.

More information about the study, and the data collected at baseline, is available in our cohort profile:

Catherine John, Nicola F Reeve, Robert C Free, […] Edward J Hollox, Louise V Wain, Martin D Tobin. Cohort Profile: Extended Cohort for E-health, Environment and DNA (EXCEED). International Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 48, Issue 3, June 2019, Pages 678–679j,

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