EXCEED 10-year Scientific Symposium

The EXCEED study held a celebratory scientific symposium on Wednesday 6th September 2023 to showcase what the study has achieved over the past 10 years. The team would like to thank all of our speakers, facilitators and attendees for making the event a huge success. If you would like to read about the event please click here to view our post-event press release.

Professor Melanie Davies CBE
Professor Martin Tobin and Dr Catherine John
10 Years of the EXCEED Study

Research Findings from Questionnaires and Measurements

Dr Anna Guyatt
Genetics of Lung Function Impairment
Professor Jose Miola
Participant Perspectives on Dynamic Consent
Dr Chiara Batini
Genetics of COVID19 and Long-COVID

Research recalling EXCEED participants

Professor Julian Barwell
Understanding Fatty Liver Disease using Genome Sequencing
Professor Matt Bown
Improving Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Research
Professor Andre Ng
Personalisd Space Technlogy Exercise Platform (P-STEP)

Research Findings from Electronic Healthcare Records

Dr Alex Williams
Understanding Thyroid Disease
Dr Chiara Fabbri
Understanding Treatment Resistant Depression
Dr Kayesha Coley
Understanding Cough as a Side-effect of Blood Pressure Treatments

EXCEED Symposium Podcasts

Following on from the EXCEED scientific symposium, our speakers very kindly recorded podcasts to further discuss their talks with Professor Turi King:

Professor Martin Tobin and Dr Catherine John
10 years of the NIHR Leicester EXCEED Study
Dr Anna Guyatt
Understanding lung function impairment
Professor José Miola
Participant perspectives on dynamic consent

Dr Chiara Batini
The genetics of COVID 19 & Long COVID

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